Tips to Help You Save on Tires

by pps-DUEditor

Tires are extremely important but not that exciting for most people. And when you realize that you need to spend a few hundred dollars on new ones, the lack of excitement turns to despair. Well, we’re here to help. There are ways in which you can save some money and get a quality set of tires.


Start by checking the size of tires your car needs. If you’re shopping online, you’ll need to enter the details about your car and will need to know the tire size as well. For an easy guide, check your driver’s side door and look for a sticker that shares details about tire pressure and tire size.


You need to understand the conditions you will be driving through in order to choose a set of tires that will do a good job for you. Look at the weather conditions in the areas where you drive most often. Then check out the types of tires you can buy. There are three main categories — all-season tires, winter tires, and summer tires. The easiest option, in case you live somewhere where the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing, is choosing all-season tires.


Now that you know the size and type of tire, start comparing options to see what you can afford. Check prices across multiple stores and examine the difference. Keep in mind that the prices you see are likely to only include the cost of the tires and not their installation. When you make your comparison, you have to decide how much time you want to spend doing this. Find a price from a trusted place that works for you.


Next, do your research about tire installation from reputed places and compare costs. The installation should include rotation, balancing, mounting, valve stems, and some sort of warranty for mileage and road hazards. Any additional features they may offer is between them and you.


Comparing individual service prices is one thing. But, you need to calculate the total cost and see if anyone is offering a deal on the total thing from purchase to installation. Work out what’s cheaper and if it includes a set of tires that you’re okay with.

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