Car Rentals: Your 6-Step Guide to the Best Deals

by pps-DUEditor

The next time you need to rent a car, go in prepared. We’re here to help. Read on and learn how to always get the best deal whenever you step into a car rental agency.

Know Which Car You Need

Figure out how many people you’ll be traveling with and how much luggage everyone will be carrying. Next, consider if you need more than two doors to accommodate car seats or anyone with special needs. Check your route to find out whether you’ll be driving over rough terrain. And finally, understand how much luxury you need. After you answer those questions, you’ll know the type of vehicle you need to rent.


Start researching online for sites that keep tabs on the car rental industry, collect discount codes and membership perks to help you get the best rental deals. Usually, once you show interest, these sites will reach out to you with quotes. Compare these prices to others in the market. Some sites also monitor the market and email you if the price on the rental drops between the time you book it and pick it up, allowing you to rebook at the lower price.

Check Aggregators

Once you get the lowest price, compare the rate with other aggregators, and you could find something even lower.

Contact the Agency

Now that you know that you can get a good deal from the travel booking site, reach out to the rental agency directly and see if they can beat the quote you have.


Once you’re certain that you’re getting a great deal, go ahead and book the rental car. At this point, you’re just reserving the car and not paying for it. So you don’t need to share your credit card number and won’t be penalized in case you need to cancel later.

Check a Week in Advance

Check one week before your travel date if the prices for your rental car have dropped. If they have, book it at the lower price and cancel your original booking. You could even repeat all the above steps to find a lower rate if you want to so you get a great rate.

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