The Most Stylish SUVs You Can Buy Today

by pps-DUEditor

Once upon a time, SUVs were big, clunky boxes on wheels. They were all attractive in a brutish, rugged sort of way. But there were very few of them available. Today, more SUVs are being sold than ever before. Here are some of the best looking ones you can buy now.

Land Rover Defender

It’s big, it’s boxy, and it’s incredibly good looking. The Land Rover Defender looks like it can tackle the worst situations, get covered in dirt and grime, and still emerge looking even better than it normally does. It retains some of its classic lines while looking very contemporary as well. The Defender is a legendary SUV with an iconic design, and the new version elevates it to a whole other level.

Range Rover Velar

It’s difficult not to stare. And even more difficult to look away after staring at it. The Velar is an undeniably sexy SUV. Its sleek wedge-like design, the rising beltline, the glass and metal proportions, the curves in the door panels, every single aspect and angle of this SUV is perfect. The grille and headlights look bold. And once you get inside, things get even more classy and elegant.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the best looking SUV that has ever existed. It’s sporty, sensual, and unbelievably stunning. It looks powerful and sophisticated. It’ll make heads turn wherever it goes. It beautifully blends the traditional Alfa Romeo grille with a modern, tight, sculpted, athletic body.

Kia Telluride

You may think we’re joking, but we’re not. The Kia Telluride has a subdued, sophisticated, and rugged look that perfectly complements its boxy shape and beautiful proportions. It’s a midsize SUV that has the presence of a larger vehicle. It’s handsome on the inside too.

Jaguar F-Pace

As a Jaguar, it had to be good looking. But along with that, it had to exude sophistication, power, style, and a hint of menace. The F-Pace manages all of that elegantly. While every version is pleasing to look at, it’s the aggressive SVR trim that looks the absolute best. The massive quad exhausts at the rear and its extra-wide hips add to its power.

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