Tips to Find Car Insurance for Less

by pps-DUEditor

There’s no getting away from car insurance. And since you have to keep paying for it, why not put in a little effort to save some money without compromising your coverage? It’s not that hard. Check this out.


Always compare insurance quotes from multiple companies. But remember to look beyond the price because insurance is a safety net that protects you from a financial nightmare. Comparing quotes can help you discover new insurance companies and discounts that you didn’t know about. Remember to compare quotes when you’re changing cars, adding cars to a policy, adding or removing drivers, getting married or divorced, moving, buying a home, have got a DUI or another major violation, were involved in an accident, or if your credit score has changed.

Bundle Policies

Insurance companies say that married people and homeowners file fewer claims. This means they get cheaper insurance coverage. You can also get discounts if you buy your homeowners or renters insurance from the same company that covers your car. Another way to get a discount is by insuring two or more vehicles with the same company. Remember to compare and confirm that you’re actually saving money.


If you increase your deductible to $500, you can reduce your collision or comprehensive insurance premiums by 15% to 30%. If you’re willing to raise it to $1,000, you can even save 40% off your premium.


You may be eligible for a lot of discounts. If your child under 25 gets good grades, you could get a good student discount. It also applies to good students at college. Your loyalty to your insurance provider could also get you up to 10% off or at least points on your credit card. There are also good driver and safe driver discounts between 5% and 25%, depending on your carrier. Reducing how much you drive, have anti-theft devices installed, paying your annual premium in advance, and going paperless are always ways of lowering your premium.


Before you buy a car, find out how much it costs to insure. The type of car you have can affect your premium in funny ways. It’s not always cheap insurance for a cheap car.

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