Read This Before Buying a Used Luxury SUV

by pps-DUEditor

Buying a used luxury SUV is a little different from buying used mainstream cars. The point of this guide is to ensure that when you do buy one, you have an ownership experience that is satisfying and stress-free.


One of the first things to check while buying a used luxury SUV is its warranty coverage. Check if the vehicle seller has skipped or extended one or more maintenance intervals or modified the vehicle using non-factory parts or engine management software. This may compromise or void the remaining warranty of the vehicle. Check all service items listed in the owner’s receipts and documentation against the owner’s manual to prove each was performed on time. This can prevent issues in case you need to claim the warranty.


Carry out a thorough pre-purchase inspection to ensure that you’re not buying a vehicle that will drain your wallet once you drive away with it. Have a professional technician inspect the vehicle from top to bottom. It’ll cost you, but you’ll be happy when you learn whether the vehicle is worth buying or a black hole that will suck out all your cash and happiness.


Contact your nearest dealer and ask whether the vehicle you’re considering has any outstanding software updates that need to be performed. If yes, have them updated as soon as possible, as these updates can often fix a lot of problems.

Here, we’ve got specific examples of what you should check if you’re looking to buy the following luxury SUVs.

Lexus RX (2010 to 2015)

Get a professional to inspect the entire suspension setup. Also, check the transmission as it may hard shift, and it could betray from serious issues. If you’re going for a hybrid, have a Lexus technician perform the PPI. Check all on-board electronics, screens, stalks, buttons, and the air conditioner as well.

Mercedes-Benz GLK (2010 to 2015)

Watch out for harshness from the transmission. Be wary if you hear a slam during a gear change. A software update can fix this, though. Check the power tailgate functionality and thoroughly test the multimedia system and central screen interface. Get a professional mechanic to check for axle seal leak, stored engine trouble-codes, and more.

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