Your Guide to Hatchbacks

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Hatchbacks are great cars. They’re light, efficient, have a low center of gravity that makes for great handling, and have cheaper spare parts than equivalent SUVs. Plus, they also offer a lot more cargo space than sedans. They’re great for individuals, couples, and small families in urban areas. Let’s learn a little more about them.


Hatchbacks come in several sizes and classes. The smallest is the subcompact like the Toyota Yaris or Honda Fit. They are the smallest, least expensive cars, and they offer real cargo capacity at low prices. Their small size and light weight make them maneuverable and efficient. Next, you have compact hatchbacks like the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic. These usually have nice tech features and powerful engines. Higher trim levels can also be very premium. High-performance hatchbacks, called hot hatches, also belong in this segment. Finally, you have midsize or large hatchbacks like the Kia Stinger or Tesla Model S. These have spacious rear seats and even more cargo space. Luxury options are also available. These cars are expensive and powerful.

Hot Hatch

We mentioned these above. A hot hatch is a car that combines sportscar level performance in an everyday practical hatchback. Volkswagen created this segment with the Golf GTI. These cars tend to have more powerful engines, sport suspension, and occasionally, a manual transmission. Other examples include the Honda Civic Type R and Hyundai Veloster N.

Electric Hatches

There are more electric hatchbacks available in the market than electric sedans. Your options include the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, and the Tesla Model S.

Hatchback vs. Wagon vs. SUV

Hatchbacks and wagons offer SUV-like cargo capacity without the drawbacks of SUVs that are heavy and high-riding. These two types have a low center of gravity that makes for good handling. They also weigh significantly less than SUVs and have better aerodynamics as well. This makes them more efficient. Their spares also tend to cost less as compared to those of SUVs. But, SUVs offer excellent ground clearance and off-road driving ability that hatchbacks and wagons can’t dream about. They also offer an elevated driving position that makes for great visibility. SUVs also have superior towing capacity and offer three rows of seats for passengers.

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