Car Rentals: The Things You Need to Know

by pps-DUEditor

Whether you travel for work or leisure, at some point, you need to borrow a car for convenience. But, the car rental process has certain irritations. Here’s how you can make the experience smoother.

Use a Credit Card

Remember to use a credit card when you rent a car. If you use a debit card, you will be charged an authorization amount, and an additional incremental hold amounting to hundreds of dollars will be assessed. Rental companies will also check your credit score if you use a debit card.

Additional Costs for Minors on The Contract

All drivers under 25 usually have to pay an additional fee to drive a rented car. So, don’t add anyone under 25 to the rental contract, and don’t let them drive.

Minimum Drivers

Remember to keep the number of drivers on the rental agreement to a minimum. There’s always an additional daily fee for every extra driver on the contract, even if they don’t drive every day.

Shop Around for Insurance

Rental insurance rates from the rental agency are always very high. So, check your personal vehicle insurance and see if it covers rentals. Check with your credit car company if they offer rental insurance too. They often do if you pay for the car with that particular credit card.

Don’t Rent at The Airport

Renting a car at the airport means you will be paying higher rates. This is because rental companies have to collect and pay fees to the airport, where they conduct their business. So, hail a cab to take you to a rental agency that’s not on airport grounds, and you could save a lot of money.

Stay on The Road

Rental agencies don’t like it when you drive off-road. This doesn’t have to mean rock crawling. It could just be that the place you’re going to doesn’t have a paved road. Driving off a paved road will violate your rental agreement, and if you get stuck, you’ll have to bear all the charges related to its rescue, repair, and cleaning.

Fill the Tank

Always stop at a local gas station and fill the tank before you return the car. Or you’ll have to pay extremely high fees.

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