The Best Entry-Level Luxury Sedans

by pps-DUEditor

Entry-level luxury cars start below the average price of luxury cars, have upscale interiors, beautiful exteriors, are loaded with tech and a badge on the grille you could be proud of owning. Here are some of the best.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

It looks fantastic, has an interior that’s incredibly luxurious and comfortable, is great to drive, and is a car that can do it all. Engine options include a 255hp turbo-four, a 385hp twin-turbo V6, or a 5-3hp twin-turbo V8.

Genesis G70

A fantastic entry-level option, the G70 has direct and agile steering and handling, strong engine options that include a 252hp turbo-four and a 365hp twin-turbo V6. The interiors are luxurious, the exterior sporty and elegant, and for its price, it offers incredible value.

Jaguar XE

If sporty driving characteristics, sleek designs, upscale and classy interiors are your thing, then the elegant and powerful Jaguar XE is for you. Engine options include a 247hp turbo-four, a 296hp turbo-four, and a 380hp supercharged V6.

Volvo S60

Come, fall in love with this joyful and sophisticated sedan that features typical Swedish minimalist luxury. It’s also fun to drive thanks to engine options that include a 250hp turbo-four, a 316hp supercharged four-cyl, and a 400hp hybrid.

BMW 3-Series

The perennial king of this segment. This sharp, sporty, luxurious, and fun car is still one of the best choices. Drive it with a 255hp turbo-four or a 382hp six-cyl option and feel your smile grow wider with every curve of the road.

Kia Stinger

It’s different, very good looking, has a liftback but is still an entry-level luxury sedan. It has some of the best steering and handling at this price point. Choose from a 255hp four-cyl, or a 365hp twin-turbo V6.

Audi A4

The A4 is a mature car with an upscale design, top-notch interiors, and excellent tech features. It’s understated but not without its perks. Get one with a 248hp turbo-four or a 349hp turbo-V6 and enjoy the excellent handling dynamics.

Tesla Model 3

The best-selling entry-level luxury sedan is an EV. It’s sleek, understated, and comfortable. The basic version has 283hp, the next one has 345hp, and the top option has 450hp. It’ll go 322 miles on a full charge too.

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